Software Related Notes by Arnold deVos

Type Parameters vs Type Members

I gave a talk about path dependent types at ScalaSyd.

09 Mar 2016

Trait Composition (in scala)

Traits are powerful magic when combined with self type annotations and abstract type members. But is this malignant or benevolent magic? I have some tips for dealing with, or avoiding, out-of-control trait compositions.

19 Oct 2015

Accidental Microservices

A talk given at muru-D for a Sydney Microservices meetup.

17 Jun 2015

Wrap up your POJOs

Create a functional DSL for (almost) any imperative POJO building API.

10 Jun 2015

Homage to the Transducer

Clojure transducers and reducers in scala. [With minor updates - 24/10/14]

23 Oct 2014

Simple Lock-Free Transactions and Their Uses

A presentation made at scalasyd.

10 Sep 2014

Erlang Style

Thoughts about Erlang vs. original scala actors vs. Akka inspired by Steve Vinoski's talk at Yow!

02 Jan 2014

Flow Actors: Another Scala Dataflow Library

Flow Actors is a compact library for asynchronous programming within a single JVM.

20 Nov 2013

Temple of purity

f(x) == f(x)

10 Oct 2013

Soapbox - Another Static Site Generator

Soapbox creates static web sites from markdown, images, plain HTML and other resources. It is an sbt 0.13 plugin and easy to configure via sbt settings or extend with scala code.

09 Oct 2013

An Incremental JSON Generator

Or yet another esoteric way to concatenate strings.

25 Mar 2012

Querying a Dataset with Scala's Pattern Matching

This post is about matching patterns against collections, combining patterns in interesting ways and defining patterns in terms of other patterns. Patterns defined in this way look and feel like a lightweight, domain specific query language. Very little supporting code is required.

19 Sep 2010

Generators in Scala

I was playing around with the continuation support in scala last year. I wanted to create something as useful and easy to use as a python generator.

14 Sep 2010

An Update to the Scala Jetty Wrapper

The JettyS library has been updated for Scala 2.8. There is also a workaround for a bug in Jetty 6 associated with setLowResourceMaxIdleTime(). An update to Jetty 7 is coming.

11 Aug 2010

Pimping Servlet and Jetty

Sometimes you just want a servlet, not a whole web application framework. But to a Scala programmer the servlet API is pretty ugly.

16 Apr 2010

Polyphonic Scala Actors Part 2

The Joins module is a non-intrusive extension to the scala actors library that allows an actor to respond to a combination of messages called a chord.

14 Nov 2009

Polyphonic Scala Actors Part 1

An actor responds to one message at a time. What if you want it to recognise some combination of messages? The idea is to respond when a combination, or "chord", occurs irrespective of the order in which the individual messages, or "notes", arrive.

21 Oct 2009

About This Web Site

I am in the process of refreshing this site. (Oct 10 2013)

10 Oct 2009